Still lost..

Been off my script for over half a year now, and I still feel like crap.  So lost still.  It’s like being on the drug for so long just left me completely unbalanced.  I am depressed most of the time, I can’t focus in school at all, and I have a hard time feeling motivated.  I gained like twenty pounds (still in the slow process of losing weight). I just hate who I am now.  I miss the old me.  I hate this person I don’t even know who I am anymore.  I have tried so many things to help like over the counter vitamins meant to support your mood, and I’ve tried adderall substitutes and nothing works.  I hate being me now.  I never thought it would end up like this.  You would think things would get better the more time that goes by but apparently it doesn’t.  For any other fellow adderal quitters…. I feel for you and I hope you’re having a better experience then me.


-Your Friendly Anonymous NON Adderall Abuser 💋


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