Day 70… Blue blue blue & blue 

Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is riding on your shoulders?

Or fear everything is going to drastically change at the drop of the hat because of something that is going to be happening in the near future?  

I sure do.  I feel everything. Feelings, feelings, and more feelings.  I currently HATE feelings.

I already get weird during the holiday season and the past couple of days have just made everything worse.  My boss made me feel a little better at work tonight about the hitting a dog situation..

He screamed:


Really loud while we still had customers in the restaurant and for some reason I found it extremely funny and made me think a little on the bright side…. (A very little). 

Shit does happen.

That is the way I should think about the present and be thinking about my future.  There is no point in wasting time overthinking the “what if”s, and thinking the worst is always going to happen.

This is something I’ll have to work on my myself, and something I have always struggled with.

I hate constantly being afraid of my life and what lies ahead. 😞

Sadly once again there’s nothing I can do accept hope for the best.

-Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser 💋



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