Day 69… And I accidentally just ran over someone’s dog

Hey everyone, 

So sadly the heading is true.  I got cut early from work and was driving in the back roads (sober mind you) and it was super dark and I ran over someones dog. 

Another car behind me ran over it after me, and I alone turned around and went back to help.  It was just in the middle of the street twitching in a pool of blood, and I had my window down screaming out “Is this anyone’s dog?!” On the street. 

Some neighbors came home and at first freaked out thinking it was their dog I had run over.  After realizing it was not, they kindly told me it was okay.  That isn’t wasn’t my fault and to just leave.  They would take care of it, and call the humane society for me.

They said it was the neighbors fault for letting their dog run around in the damn street but obviously I still feel like complete shit and horrible.

After everything going on lately, I can’t believe this just happened to me.  I love dogs.  The fact I just murdered one on complete accident just kills me inside.  The second car didn’t stop and turn around only I did.  All I can see is the poor dog twitching in a pool of its own blood. 

I feel like complete SHIT.

This was the worst thing that could possibly happen given my current emotional and mental state.

I hate my life.

-Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser 💋



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