Day 50 off adderall ๐Ÿ˜„


So I feel like I should be fist pumping and doing handstands and jumping jacks because of the fact I made it to day 50.  Sadly I feel off. 

I read this girls webpage about quitting adderall after being perscribed it for 7 years which is longer than I was.  She said it has been a year and she still feels like every day feels like your birthday and your funeral.

That’s so true!

I’m currently in the car writing this blog as my boyfriend is literally telling me the longest most hyperactive speech on why or why not people should be legally allowed to have guns and I am just sitting here blogging instead.  I wish I had an audio recording of this.  It’s not his fault I’m having a “funeral” type moment but this is kind of hilarious.  And sad at the same time.  I’m such a bitch.  I just feel so emotionless at times… Its like I am either super happy, nothing, or super depressed.  It’s not like a bipolar person feeling at all it’s just… You feel everything and nothing at the same time.

Well, CHEERS to Day 50!

Sorry about this totally pointless blog posts. 

– Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser ๐Ÿ’‹


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