Day 47 ✌🏻️the beginning of the workout obsession


So today (day 47) I realized I wanted to see how long I’ve even been working out for again since I have cut out my adderall.

Also, I don’t remember if I mentioned that I did finally get on the scale and realized I gained 10 lbs in just one month off the drug… But once the acute, and post acute withdrawl symptoms started to fade, I slowly started regaining energy to do more then sluggishly make it through my day.
I’ve been working out again for about 20 days so almost three weeks.  I’ve tried to do something physically active for almost half of those days which is pretty awesome to me.  I feel like working out is helping me detox, and sweat out everything built up inside.

On the down side, I am really starting to realize the seriousness of being ever perscribed a schedule II drug in the first place, and how long my recovery really may take.  I unfortunately still don’t have my health insurance card yet, so I can’t even go to the doctors and get some actual advice, or a check up on more things I can do to speed up my recovery and get myself back to normal.  

Being perscribed something as serious as adderall, and taking it daily for six years, and a high dose can do some serious damage to your brain, and it can take months, to years to finally rebalance out.  There may even be some damage done that can’t be fixed… The worst part is not knowing, and that I will just have to wait it out. 

Like I keep telling myself every day… 

“One day at a time!”

– Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser 💋



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