Day 45 off my 45mg of Adderall 😄❤️


Everything is slowly coming back to me.  My energy levels, my stability. It’s my one day off completely from my two schools, and work and it’s not even 10 am and I’ve already completely re arranged my room, and put away all my laundry and am ready to start the day…. Also preparing to go on this crazy waterfall hike.  Whenever I start feeling depressed it’s good to work out, and for me especially, get out in nature.

I feel like because it’s day 45, off my 45 mg perscription I should spend the whole day celebrating.  I can’t believe it’s been 45 days already.  It’s jaw dropping.  If I was doing this the correct way, and going to my doctors regularly, etc they usually say 90 days off is when you are in the clear.  I will probably continue my blog  until then, or at least try to.  Tomorrow I will share my miracle supplements that have been helping me get through the day without being completely tired, and falling asleep.  I also have already written, but never shared my mood enhancement supplements I also have been taking.  I really think they are the only thing that has been keeping me from experiencing any extreme depressed moments throughout my withdrawl experience.

It’s only going to get better from here, and ya I may be back to my hyeractive fiesty self but HEY. That was me before I was perscribed my adderall and I’m finding the old me and she has no filter and is quite entertaining 😉 

Being medicated just holds you back from being you.  My friend shared this pic with me on my Facebook and I just had to share it with you.

  -Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser 💋


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