44 days off Adderall 😁

Hi guys,

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been 44 days since I quit my perscription.  To have been so controlled by a drug for 6 whole years of my life now feels pathetic for me.  I literally thought I needed it.  I couldn’t live without it.  I thought I would die without it. 


I feel more and more like myself then ever before.  My energy levels are slowly returning.  I’m still my hyper ass self…. I’m a Gemini so I already am naturally ADHD as hell. 

But I don’t feel sick anymore.  Going back and reading my other blog posts from before I can’t believe how sick I was.  How hard to was struggling to get through each day. 

“I truly feel like going through adderall withdrawls was on of the worst points of my life. By far.”

Not all people are meant to be put on perscription drugs by a doctor for little reasons like… Having a short attention span, or being a little hyperactive.  Everyone can have a hard time studying and paying attention to stuff.  Especially if it’s boring and not interesting.  That doesn’t mean you need legal meth to get you through it.

Be brave guys,

Cause trust me.  I have a high addiction problem to many things and if I could get off adderall anyone can.  It’s all about your willingness to try.


Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser πŸ’‹ 


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