Day 9

Today was a great day!

I got almost 9.5 hours of sleep, went to the waterpark, and made it through dinner at PF CHANGS without napping!  I got very irritable this morning and my roomie literally bought me this snickers bar because I was being such a brat…


So after that I laughed it off and dropped the “tude”….

This whole process really is a lot about mind over matter… And I am learning more about myself, and my level of self control each and every day.

I had sorta weird dreams last night but nothing extremely abnormal.  I had 0 panics attacks which is awesome and no crying spells.  I’m hoping this all just means I am that much closer to the finish line even though… I really am not.  Monday is my only day of freedom of my busy work and school week so we will see tomorrow, day 10, how I am really doing.  I have heard rumors around the block (and web) adderall stays in your system until ten days after your last dose… Not saying if you have been on it for awhile but initially 10 days after your last dose.  So tomorrow will be a challenge I am ready to take on.  Also, people should download bitmoji.  It’s great you can make an emoji of yourself.

This won’t let me post on here unfortunately but it’s hilarious.

Keep on keeping on guys!

-Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser 💋


One thought on “Day 9”

  1. That’s awesome!
    I think, even if the drug is technically still in your system, the levels are getting lower with each passing day, so it wouldn’t cause any immediate sort of crash. (I think the real crash is day 2-3, because the levels on the first day or two are still high enough that you don’t get the severe withdrawal kicking in, but this is all just my theory, and my qualifications are being an addict not a doctor, haha)
    If anything, you’re definitely that much closer to a significant checkpoint, and those are just as important as the finish line. (:

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