Barely alive… But I made it through a week

Hi guys,

So it’s been a week.  It has been a struggle and a fucking half.  That’s why I haven’t been able to post.  I have been taking Redd Remedies “In Joy” and “Sam-e” so I have been experiencing every withdrawl symptom except depression.  I have been having insane dreams I actually texted out to my friend when I woke up.  Last night, and the night before were the worst and led to nightmares.  I have been having panic attacks periodically but the worst at night at work (I usually would take my adderall at 4:30ish because I work dinner shifts).  I definitely believe the scientific facts about your brain being on a clock, and I can definitely tell my body knows it’s not getting that burst of amphetamines at that time of the day like it’s used to.  I just wish I knew how long accute withdrawl symptoms for someone on my dose, and duration last… Because I’m managing but I can’t live my life this way.  I have been having panic attacks so bad at work I have to go into the bathroom and take deep breaths, and pray until my heart rate slows down.  They just come on out of nowhere. The past two days I had a very hard time waking up in the morning.  I overslept through 6 alarms and was having vivid dreams throughout the snooze alarm time period which is definitely not normal.  Your brain isn’t supposed to dream in seven minutes.  All of my dreams have been so vivid I thought they were real.  One scared me so bad because I woke up (in the dream) and I had to lean against the wall because my vision started blurring and warped into the shape of a skull… I am having pregnant woman like dreams but I just ended my period.

I just keep trying to tell myself it won’t be like this forever.  I just hope I don’t murder someone throughout the process. Or get fat as a whale 😟

Keep my readers posted. 

Wish my luck.

-You’re Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser 💋 


7 thoughts on “Barely alive… But I made it through a week”

  1. Hang in there!
    I know exactly how horrible those withdrawals are… When I quit adderall, I literally could NOT function for at least 2-3 weeks; the fact that you’ve managed to keep a job is seriously incredible!
    The withdrawals will end; I know it feels like it must be a lifetime away right now, but you’ll be thanking yourself eventually.
    Good luck, and stay strong! (Or, maybe I should say keep staying awake? That was the hardest part for me…)

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    1. Btw if you’re interested you should take a look at addrena. I know adderall substitutes are bad but it’s a pretty natural one and I will take it by halves and I haven’t needed to drink coffee or and energy drinks. It’s a lot healthier then putting amphetamines into your body! I am just trying to get on a normal sleep schedule im scared to take naps because I know I won’t wake up if I do and I am so friggin drained all the time… Idk how I am doing it honestly but one day at a time right? 😦


      1. And thanks! I’m trying Limidax soon (I ordered it – just need to wait for the supplements to get here); I’m hoping it’ll work, everything I’ve seen looks promising at least. I’ll definitely look at addrena if the limidax doesn’t do it for me, though. Really I just hope there’s something that works; I mean, even if it does have to be energy drinks or coffee alongside the supplements, I’m sure that’s still better for you than coffee and adderall.

        Taking it one day at a time is definitely the best way, and I’m sure that not thinking about how you’re doing it actually makes it easier to keep going without the pills. It just really sucks that there isn’t anything that speeds up the whole process (that I’m aware of, at least)… /:

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      2. seriously! Let me know how that otc sub works for you too! I am really enjoying addrena because it almost feels like my adderall without the aggresive, angry, and jittery feelings. Keep eachother posted? It is nice knowing you are not alone in such shitty times like this. Addrena states NO caffeine so thats why I have been just taking the safe route as of now, but I am only on day 10! 🙂

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      3. I’ll definitely keep you posted! I have high hopes, but trying not to let them get TOO high. Having the mental boost of adderall without feeling strung out is like… this dream that’s too good to be true for me!
        I’ve never been one to listen to labels; I’m just that person that’s like “If I want a glass of wine, I’m having a glass of wine, period.” (Probably not the best way to be, but… hey, I’m not dead yet! Plus, I do my research to make sure it’s only “moderate” interaction, not “certain death” so there is that…)
        And yeah, it’s always better to know you aren’t totally isolated going through these things. (:
        Reaching day 10 is an amazing accomplishment!!


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