Day 5

Hi guys,

So I am not going to lie.  After my post last night I went to work and had a huge crying spell over nothing, and a panic attack.  I was literally on the toilet and prayed to JESUS the night would be slow.  I can’t even remember the last time I prayed.  Ever.  But anyways, it passed and I ended up making it through the shift fine.  I never was ADD I have always been ADHD so I was extremely hyper, forgetful, and ridiculous.

A short funny story:

First, it took four times of me running to my car to leave for work, to actually leave because I kept forgetting things.  Second, I didn’t realize until half way through my shift I was wearing my underwear inside out.  I showered right before work which is why it is almost even more hilarious.  Anyways, I proceeded to telling my coworkers about it and they were cracking up.

One actually said,

“At least you didn’t put them on backwards!”

So, I fixed the problem, (when I realized obviously) and then we were having pau Hana after work and I went to use the bathroom and BAM.  Somehow when I fixed them from being inside out I put them on backwards.  I don’t know how it happened but it did.

Today I was a hyper active shit show.  My friend told me I was insane for screaming about pens in class. 

But im doing it.

And I am succeeding. 

So fuck the rest.  Good luck to all the others sharing my pain.

With love,

Your friendly anonymous adderall abuser 💋


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