Day FOUR!!!!

Hi guys!

So yesterday was pretty awful I am not going to lie.  I went to sleep at around 2 am, woke up for an hour at 9, then fell back asleep until 3:30 pm.  I am starting to get almost flu like symptoms, chills, runny nose, and I have no fever.  I did also make the decision to get rid of all of the remaining Adderall pills I had left of my perscription which was over thirty.  It was a really hard decision but after feeling as sick, depressed, and miserable as I was feeling I just made the decision:

“You know what BITCH?!  IT’s NOW OR NEVER!!”

Adderall had just begun to almost get to the point that when I started cutting my dose, sometimes when I take it it would make me feel almost worse.  More sick, and anxious, and angry, and most of all jittery.  I know people say it isn’t safe to quit cold turkey but I already had tapered down from 45mg to about 20-25 (yes with some slip ups) but you have no idea how amazing it feels to… I don’t know just feel like I have the controls again.  Of my life.  
Live your life.  You control it.  No other person, thing, and especially no perscription drugs.

I have the controls. 😏

I know it is only day four, but each day counts.  One day at a time.  I will definitely keep posting, and my readers (if I even have any) updated on my progress.


– Your friendly anonymous adderall abuser 💋


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