OTC Adderall substitutes & Day 1 Cold Turkey

Hey guys,

So here is my current update.  My friend has gotten me to taking Redd Remedies “In Joy ” supplements and I have also been taking Sam-E.  To help with my depression symptoms.  They have been really helping me and my coworker also gave me a supplement called “Addium”.  I tried it out at school and I honestly loved it.  I felt like I was on my adderall but without the cracky, and jittery feeling.  I went home and took a nap after.

Tonight I took one at work instead of my 15-22.5mg dose of adderall.  I felt fine and got home with enough energy to watch Netflix for a bit but I am definitely going to sleep easily, and well.  I know I’ll know for sure in the morning if I feel any withdrawl feelings but I have high hopes for the “Addrena” supplements I ordered which have better ratings, and are even a little stronger.

So far though, I have high hopes.  I’ve been getting through my days, keeping busy, no more excessive coffee amounts and I am finally starting to feel motivated and happy and confident about the direction my life is going.

Thinking happy, sleepy thought



Your friendly anonymous adderall abuser 💋


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