Good forums on Adderall Withdrawl & Current Update​

These people are all me.  😭.  This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’m messing up big time.

It is so hard stay on track. Especially when in two schools and working five nights a week.  I honestly have considered going to a facility for a few days but I can’t request off work and I don’t want that on my permanent record… If that is even what they do.  Tapering is the most safe but also dangerous because of temptations.  I promised I would be honest with my readers…

Stress, and school and lack of sleep really makes it difficult.  I am still depressed.  I wish I could have an easier time quitting.  Gotta get back on the 25 mg train because I think 22.5 was too low for me. When I see my doctors at the end of the month I am going to be requesting a drop in my dose to help make the tapering easier, and so they don’t freak out if I just say… “Btw I am not taking my perscription I have been on for five years anymore!” 

Any advice would be much appreciated. 


– Your Friendly Anonymous ADDERALL Abuser 💋


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