Have you been that girl?


Just got home from my fourth day in a row of working.  Pretty tired.  Have not been consistent with the 15mg drop after my mishap the other day.  However, I am finally not on my period anymore, and my moods are starting to settle down.. Slowly.  I noticed that pmsing combined with adderall withdrawls really messes with my energy levels.  The one morning I tried not drinking any caffeine I could not even get out of bed until I went to work.  

I refill my perscription in a couple days and I am extremely proud of myself on one major thing.

For the past couple years, I have always run out of my adderall early, and this is the first time I have over ten extra.

When you go day by day it is not as easy to see how much progress you made, but the fact that I have so many extra adderalls this month is like a huge reward in itself.  Coming from being that girl that calls the doctors office desperate for her refill, or asking the pharmacy if her insurance will allow her to get her perscription yet, or leaving an angry voicemail on the doctors office voicemail because they are closed on a holiday and it’s the day you were supposed to pick up your perscription…. Well coming from someone who has been all of those girls, it feels so rewarding that for the first time in years to not be her again. 

I am so proud of myself for doing this. Some people tell me I am crazy for doing this by myself but the days when my mood has started to stable out, and when I see things like all the extra adderalls for the ones I am not taking… that really make every part of quitting worth it.


Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser ❤️