Dreaming in Adderall

xterm euphoria

Adderall is a very different drug, depending on how you take it, and how fast you metabolize it.

If you take it sporadically, then the less you take it, the better it works.  It’s what caffeine can only dream of being, except without it’s negatives.  Persistent rumors abound that a good magnesium supplement(magnesium citrate is good) helps reduce tolerance, or at least prevent some of the problems that the drug causes.  But tolerance is generally rapid, and must be managed.  Don’t expect it to work persistently the way it did the first time, it surely will not, and some degree of tolerance is essentially permanent.

But if you’re graced with a continuous, recurring supply, and you take it every day, enduring the destruction of your sleep architecture,  some of your social ability, and possibly your sanity, and you don’t mind the anxiety, you break through into the dream world.

I’m not…

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