Millennials and their Adderall Addiction

Millennial Man

If you have not heard of the way Millennials are abusing Adderall, then I do not know what place you have been living in.  Millennials were the first generation that was introduced to the psychotropic medication for ADHD about 20 years ago.  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is everywhere now.  Did you lose your keys?  Blame it on the ADHD.  Did you forget your date with your girlfriend?  Blame it on your ADHD.  Did you not want to go out with your girlfriend on Saturday night?  Blame it on the ADHD.  Statistics show that Adderall prescription is on the rise.  If you are from generation x or w, then you may have children who took Adderall as children.  The problem is that those kids have continued to take the medication.  But that is not the biggest problem…  Most Millennial professionals are taking ADHD medications for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I myself…

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