Day 17

Well currently I feel like shit at the moment.  Just got home from working a double, and went straight to my room, kept the lights off, and then went into my bathroom that’s in my room (still with all lights off), to sit in a corner in the dark and cry…

I felt okay earlier today.  Working on cutting my dose is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I was having such bad cravings at work it was ridiculous.  I somehow champed through it but damn.  I am definitely handling the withdrawls a lot better by tapering.  When my body was dramatically cut from adderall I went crazy.  Right now the crazy is there but very dulled down.  The fog is only present when the adderall wears off, but that’s a feeling I guess I have to suck up and get used to.  

Words of reason to all people trying to quit their adderall addictions:

SUCK IT UP.  It only gets worse from here! 👏

I’m ready.  Well, actually, no I’m not ready.  But I’ll pretend to be. Mind over matter. 👊

– Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser ❤️ 


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