Day 1 (or should I say… 15)

Welcome Readers!

I am currently a 22 year old female that has been perscribed 45 mg of Adderall (30 mg XR, and 15 mg IR) for going onto my fifth year.  Due to some changes in my life lately, I have finally made the decision to start to quit my adderall perscription.  I have been doing a lot of research, and it seems that a lot of others also struggle with adderall addiction, and adderall withdrawals.  This is my first day of my blog, but my fifteenth day into quitting my perscription.  I am aware every person is different, and every human body is different.  My symptoms, and reaction to withdrawl may differ from others, but I am creating this blog for people to actually get a glimpse into the process of quitting a drug like this, and to see day by day how the human body reacts to withdrawl from a drug as serious as adderall is.  

I would like my readers to know that this entire blog is going to be 100% honest, but I’m going to have to remain anonymous for personal reasons.  I want to do this to help others, and honestly to keep track myself as well.  I started to log my dose intake per day when I started the weaning process fifteen days ago on my phone, and I will attach the picture here.  

I will update this blog as frequently as I can, and if you have any questions please ask.

I would like to emphasize that the reason I am creating this blog is because I tried to significantly cut my adderall dose at once and I experienced some horrible and frightening results.  Serious psychotic withdrawl symptoms, anger, fatigue, sleep talking, nausea, crying for no reason at all, etc.  ADDERALL WITHDRAWAL IS REAL.


I will emphasize on my withdrawl symptoms, and the dates already logged in my blog in my next post.  

It is NOT recommended to quit adderall cold turkey.  I learned already from my two week experience alone that this drug is no joke, and for a person that has been perscribed it for a lengthy period of time (2+ years) symptoms will be worse than for someone who takes a smaller dose, or has been on the drug for a shorter period of time.

I found this example dosage chart on Google that just so happened to be for a person with the same dose of adderall as mine.

As you can see, it is recommended to drop 5 mg a day, and I attempted to cut 30 mg, let alone just 15 mg…

Day 14 is my start day of cutting myself down to only 30 mg.  That is still 15mg less than my usual perscribed dose I have been on for 5 years, and it’s barely the beginning of week 3.  I am going to see how I feel and hopefully cut another 5 mg in one week, or two weeks if need be.

Please, if anyone would like to ask me any questions feel free to write!  I will respond.

Good luck to all my fellow adderall takers out there!

– Your Friendly Anonymous Adderall Abuser ❤️


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